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Choosing the Shape of your Wedding Ring

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Choosing the Shape of your Wedding Ring

Choosing the wedding band you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life is no commonplace undertaking. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your options and aren’t confident in differentiating your court band from your D-shaped, don’t panic. There’s a ring out there for everyone, and the differences between basic styles are surprisingly simple…



Flat on the inside and gently domed on the outside, the D-shaped band is arguably the most traditional of all wedding ring profiles. This classic silhouette owes its name to the letter 'D' visible in the ring's cross-section were it cut in half. Whilst its curved outer offers a soft gleam, its flat inner enables rings to remain a relatively low profile, sitting close to the finger.

Popular amongst both men and women, D-shaped bands are available throughout our collections, from our timeless men’s wedding rings to our elegant iconic hand-engraved Scrolls circlet and the statement-maker that is our chunky Diamond Star band.


Similar to the D-shaped profile at face value is the court band, which is curved slightly on the inside as well as on the outside. Otherwise known as 'almond-shaped' or the ‘comfort fit’, this band shape, with its gentle inner curvature, makes for comfortable wear – particularly when slipping the band on and off the finger. For this reason, we say it’s ideal for those who aren’t accustomed to wearing rings.



A contemporary take on the classic court ring, the flat court boasts a sleek, streamlined exterior whilst still retaining the comfort value of that gently domed interior. Its modern and often industrial finish makes it popular amongst men, and a great match for a rugged hammered finish. Equally, the clean, flat face lends itself generously to symmetrical engravings and channel-set diamonds


The flat profile does what it says on the tin; perfectly level on both outside and inside, it’s a straightforward and understated option with a clean finish.





We’re available by appointment every Wednesday at the iconic London Diamond Bourse in Hatton Garden and on the occasional Saturday in Brighton. Visit us in person to play around with our broad variety of sample wedding bands, gauging a feel for the band shape and size that feels most at-home on your finger.


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

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