How To Match An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Band

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How To Match An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Band

Are you struggling to find the best wedding band to match with your engagement ring? 

Perhaps the engagement ring was picked out several months or years ago and your style has changed since then.

Maybe you were given a family heirloom ring that simply can’t be matched perfectly with a modern wedding band. Or you could just prefer the look of mismatched engagement and wedding rings.


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Rings featured above from L to R are:Cherry blossom 18ct fairtrade gold diamond engagement ring; Royal Oak pink ruby gemstone engagement ring 18ct fairtrade gold; Foliage ethical light blue sapphire gemstone engagement ring 18ct fairtrade gold; Bellis ethical ruby gemstone engagement ring 18ct fairtrade gold; D shape scrolls engraved ethical gold wedding ring; Braided ethical platinum wedding ring


Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to find the best wedding band to match your engagement ring.


The style of your engagement ring should dictate the style of your wedding band. For example, a vintage Victorian engagement ring, with intricate metal work and lots of detail, would go great with a dainty engraved band. You probably don’t want to pair it with something that is very geometric and heavy because the styles will clash.

An art deco ring would look perfect with a geometric wedding band because the style relies heavily on architectural details that lend themselves to lines and angles.

If your engagement ring is simple and minimal, you probably want to stick with a minimal wedding band, to maintain a clean and modern look.


Colours and Metals

It’s become a trend in the last few years to mix colours in jewellery. Yellow and white gold, or white with rose gold, or other mixtures, can look very unique and beautiful.

Arabel Lebrusan Bespoke Bridal Ring Set

If you have a two-tone vintage ring, such as a ring that has a yellow gold band and platinum claws, you can choose either a white gold or a yellow gold band for the band, and it will look great.

"It’s important not to mix certain metals though because they can scratch each other."

Platinum is a much harder metal than gold, and can easily scratch or wear away at engraving. Stick to gold with gold, or gold with silver, and platinum with platinum, when mixing materials for your rings.


Stone Setting

The way your engagement stone is set can play a part in what sort of wedding band you choose. If you have a very large stone, or something with a low setting, you may find it easier to wear a shaped or bespoke wedding band that wraps around the stone, or frames it.

If your wedding band doesn’t fit against your low-set stone perfectly, you’ll have a small gap between your rings.

Additionally, you may wish to mimic the look of the stones on your engagement ring on a bespoke wedding band, or highlight a coloured gemstone on your engagement ring with diamonds on the wedding band. There are many ways that the perfect wedding band can highlight your engagement ring.

"With a few careful considerations, you can create the perfect wedding set, even while working around an older, vintage, or unique engagement ring."

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Arabel Lebrusan
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