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Established by the National Association of Jewellers, the trade association for the jewellery sector, Created in the UK is a scheme that champions British production; a chance for jewellers like us to shout about the local provenance of our creations. To us, joining the community was a no-brainer. Not only does our license enable us to help promote the talent, creativity and skill that defines the British jewellery industry, it's also a simple way of communicating our sustainable framework to you.

With jewellery shoppers growing evermore stringent about traceability and the opportunity to uphold traditional craft, the Created in the UK scheme is an effective way of assuring you that our jewellery adheres to your ethical margins; no promise feels quite as wholehearted as one branded permanently into precious metal. A piece of jewellery that bears a Created in the UK stamp is a piece of jewellery to be worn with both pride and peace of mind.