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Fair Luxury

We are proud members of Fair Luxury, a group of passionate industry change-makers pioneering the ethical jewellery movement.


Fair Luxury is an independent collaboration of jewellery industry professionals with a shared vision of a sustainable future for people and planet. We know that together we can create a more equitable jewellery industry; one that is an active force for good.

Our Creative Director, Arabel Lebrusan, has been involved in the Fair Luxury revolution since the very beginning. As a member of the team, she is helping to pioneer the movement that will change the face of the jewellery trade for good. Since its founding in 2013, Fair Luxury has been working steadily towards an industry that shares the wealth it creates with all those who work within it, takes responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions and protected human rights, and champions a restorative, sustainable approach to the natural environment.



Together, we aim to provoke honest, productive discussion on social and environmental injustice in the jewellery trade and create an inclusive platform that brings the industry together, offering everybody an equal voice. We've hosted yearly conferences with insightful guest speakers, offered pop-up talks at the International Jewellery London festivals year after year, hosted our very own Fair Luxury Presents exhibition at The Goldsmith’s Centre and screened the UK premiere of ground-breaking documentary film The Shadow of Gold. 

Fair Luxury also exists as a catalyst, imploring jewellery professionals and consumers to take action and drive positive change. Recently, we've introduced the Fair Luxury Pledge and a programme of monthly Open House events; practical resources that will enable people on their journeys towards greater traceability, transparency and responsible practise.

We're proud to have taken the Fair Luxury Pledge this year. Ours is Pledge #60and we're chuffed to bear our very own Pledge badge:


2021 is the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. With an estimated one million children working in artisanal and small-scale mining worldwide, it's the responsibility of jewellers like us to tackle the issue of child labour head-on. Child labour has decreased by 38% in the last decade, but this year it's critical that we accelerate the pace of the process. That's why we Pledge to do more; to go above and beyond what we already do to tackle child labour in jewellery supply chains. Further information coming soon...