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FAQ (mini)

How long will my order take to arrive?
If you've purchased a silver item, we aim to post your order within three to four working days. From the order date, our made-to-order wedding bands, engagement rings and commitment rings usually take around eight weeks to complete, but if you need yours sooner, please let us know and we'll see if we can meet your deadline. We endeavour to provide an exceptional, personalised service to all clients.


Do you have a showroom where I can try your wedding and engagement rings?

If you'd like to see our jewellery's extraordinary craftsmanship in person or try some rings on for size, come and visit us at our London or Brighton showrooms.


How will I know if my chosen item is ethically sourced?

At Lebrusan Studio we only use recycled, Fairtrade and Fairmined metals and variety of ethically sourced diamonds and gem.stones. You'll find detailed descriptions of the manufacturing processes and materials used on the listing page of each collection item. Your Lebrusan Studio jewel will also come accompanied with a unique certificate of provenance, detailing its journey into fruition and verifying exactly what it's been crafted from.


I cannot find my size in your website. What if my finger size is bigger or smaller than the sizes listed? Can you still make my ring?

Yes - just drop us an email for a quote and advice on how to go about ordering. Requests for smaller sized rings will be quoted at the same price as the smallest ring size available on the website. Larger sizes tend to be a little more expensive.


Are the wedding/engagement rings available in a matt or hammered finish?

Yes, they are. Simply select the 'polish' option and drop us an email with your order number, specifying whether you'd like your ring with a matte or hammered finish. 


Is there any difference in colour between recycled gold, Fairtrade Gold and Fairmined Ecological Gold?

No. No matter the provenance of the gold you choose, its colour - whether yellow or white - will be reliable. There are some differences between 9ct and 18ct gold, though - see the next point.


Is there any difference between 9ct gold and 18ct gold?

Yes. The difference is metal hardness; 9ct is softer and thus slightly less durable than 18ct. There's also a difference in colour when it comes to yellow gold; 9ct yellow is always slightly whiter in hue than 18ct. We always recommend 18ct gold for wedding and engagement rings, as these are everyday pieces that must be able to withstand wear and tear. 

Can you make palladium wedding bands?

Yes, we can. Palladium is a white metal similar in appearance to 18ct white gold and it's becoming increasingly popular for men’s rings, despite its current high price. It's lighter than white gold and it's perfect for 4mm, 5mm or wider bands due to its hardness. Just drop us an email stating the design you'd like along with your ring size, and we'll send you a quote. The current price for palladium bands is approximately 50% higher than 18ct gold.

Will I be allergic to your wedding bands?

Allergies to gold or platinum are rare, with silver actually the most common metal allergy - but that doesn't mean to say it's not a possibility. To try and avoid allergic reactions, our white gold bands are made using an alloy of palladium, a very pure metal which very rarely causes allergies. 

Where will my jewellery be made?

We're proud to say that 100% of our jewellery is Created in the UK. Whilst the majority of our metal casting takes place in Melton Mowbray, all finishing processes - that's polishing, hand-engraving, stone-setting and hallmarking - takes place in specialist workshops in Hatton Garden, London's famed jewellery quarter.

Is your jewellery vegan? 

Aside from our sustainably harvested Tahitian pearls, our jewellery contains absolutely no direct animal products. That said, we cannot guarantee that the equipment or products employed throughout the manufacturing process are 100% vegan. For example, beeswax is sometimes uses to lubricate drills and saw blades, whilst leather is often present at jewellers' benches to catch small pieces of metal. Such are common practises for many jewellery manufacturers. On rare occasions, we may also transport particularly delicate pieces of jewellery inside small leather pouches. If you are vegan and wish to discuss this matter in more depth with us, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


How does Lebrusan Studio's bespoke service work?

It's very simple. Start by taking a moment to visit our bespoke engagement ring, bespoke wedding band and bespoke jewel galleries. If you're inspired by what you see, drop us an email outlining what it is you’re after, along with an indication of your budget and ideal time frame. To move forwards, a bespoke consultation tends to be the most productive step. Once we've finalised your design and received your initial deposit, the production process should take 8-12 weeks. You can view a more detailed explanation of the bespoke service here.

How much does your Bespoke Service cost?

It all depends on the design and materials used, but generally speaking, our bespoke engagement rings start at £2,500,our bespoke wedding bands at £1,500and our bespoke heirloom jewels at £3,000. We only create bespoke items in platinum or 18ct gold.

What can I do if I have other questions?

Just drop us an email (office@lebrusanstudio.com) or send us a text (+447946942350). We will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible - most enquiries are usually responded to within a day.