The London Diamond Bourse

We are proud members of the London Diamond Bourse, a historic and world-famous institution serving all facets of the UK jewellery industry.

As a responsible brand committed to ethical sourcing, our presence at the London Diamond Bourse only furthers us in our mission of bridging the gap between luxury and sustainability; traditional and forward-thinking. In establishing ourselves at this exclusive and long-established institution, we are continuing to alter deep-rooted perceptions of how the high-end jewellery industry should look.



The London Diamond Bourse is rich in history and cultural significance, making it a fantastic environment for seeking inspiration. It enables us to offer you, our clients, a memorable and authentic shopping experience.

Though we are primarily Brighton-based, we spend every Wednesday at our London showroom. If you’d like to see some pieces up close, get measured up for size or bounce design ideas around in person, we’d be delighted to get a consultation in the diary. Please book an appointment to visit us in the capital.




The London Diamond Bourse is a historic diamond exchange nestled in the heart of Hatton Garden, London’s famed jewellery quarter. Now a staple of UK jewellery history, it celebrates its diamond anniversary this year, having opened its doors in 1940.

At the time, Antwerp was the world’s primary diamond trading hub. Amongst the Belgian refugees to arrive on British shores during WWII were a number of established diamond merchants. In some cases, they managed to transport their own stock with them, legend suggesting that these crafty travellers smuggled diamonds across borders by sewing them into the linings of their garments.

From 1945 onwards the London Diamond Bourse saw an influx of new members, many of whom were survivors of the Nazi occupation and concentration camps. As many of these people had lost all of their possessions, they started out as diamond brokers with the help of those already established as dealers.

By 1980, the London Diamond Bourse was a revered establishment, propped up by three decades of prosperous training and boasting a membership of almost 700.

Today, the London Diamond Bourse is recognised globally as a forerunning trading floor for members from all sides of our industry. No longer restricted to diamond traders, it now welcomes manufacturers, wholesalers, and designers – like us. Its sole purpose is to provide regulation and support to the UK diamond industry, as well as inspire consumer confidence in the trade.