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Why Creating Bespoke Jewels Has Never Been Easier

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Why Creating Bespoke Jewels Has Never Been Easier

Creating bespoke jewellery has never been easier, but you still need to understand these 3 main points to achieve the most efficient and beautiful results...

You might feel that bespoke pieces are made exclusively for the super wealthy, but we're here to tell you that this is not the case. It is far more accessible than ever before to have a piece of jewellery made entirely to your specifications, wishes and wants.

Whether you are a man or a woman, and regardless of the type of piece you have in mind, as long as you understand the following three points it will be easier than ever for a designer to handcraft whatever it is you desire...



Naturally, there are different types of bespoke. As a simple example, consider a ring for a woman. You may be able to pay a visit to a jeweller and find a number of "templates" in terms of rings. They may be able to add a custom stone to the central setting. They might be able to alter the types of bands, and so on.

With this approach, you can often select from the most common styles and cuts, investing in more valuable gems or even more stones per design.

"This approach will often be incredibly affordable because it is more setting stones than making the entire piece."

There are also the entirely bespoke pieces that find you working one on one with a designer to create a particular look. It could be a ring, pendant, set of earrings, or just about any other form of jewellery. It can also be an ideal way to get entirely unique wedding bands.

This is a far more complicated approach to commissioned work, but it can allow total control in terms of the final outcome. You might also work with a designer and allow them a free hand to interpret whatever you share with them about your goals.



Bespoke jewels are more expensive that jewellery on the high street, but that is because they are personally made for you. They are unique pieces, and especially designed for you every time. As a guide, our bespoke jewels start at around £950 for a jewel made with metal only, and £1500 if you are adding any gemstones. 

If you're not sure about what your money can buy, just talk to your designer. They will be more than happy to make you sure you get the most out of your budget, as they will be spending precious time on sourcing and design - they want you to achieve the look you love!


Making any sort of jewellery by hand is a time-consuming process, and even a highly experienced expert will need weeks to complete your order. Make sure you have thoroughly considered what you want, as even though making changes along the way IS possible... it might wear away the patience of your designer!

Before you get in touch with anyone, spend time looking on Pinterest, in jewellery shops, at heritage design... gather examples of things that inspire you and start to whittle down ideas so you can easily communicate what it is you want to create.

"Be honest about what you want and what you expect and the designer will get it right first time!"



Our bespoke jewels are like beautiful treats, even to us. We have the luxury of creating really unique designs. They are sometimes eccentric, sometimes delightful but always magnificent and beautifully made by the most skilled craftsmen.

Booking an initial consultation with us is very easy and gives you a great opportunity to discuss the inspirations and budget of the piece of jewellery of your dreams. A consultation can happen via the telephone, email or face-to-face.

To prepare for the consultation, it's good to gather images of styles that you like, and anything else that could be of inspiration. Pinterest is a great platform to do this, as you can easily share the boards with us, but the old fashion copy-pasting of images on an email is also perfect.

Over the course of next three weeks after the consultation you will receive 2-3 draft designs. We will give you alternative options depending on the style and your budget. We will also give you options on alternative metal types, like Fairtrade or Fairmined Ecological Gold, and gemstones.

A piece of jewellery can be made using different processes: lost wax casting technique, totally handmade (like handmade filigree technique), CAD/CAM techniques (this means 3D drawing your design with the help of a computer and then get it 3D printed using wax), stone setting, hand engraving, laser engraving, etc... We will always use the most appropriate technique and the most skilful craftsmen to achieve the best results.

We like jewellery that is finished to perfection and we won't stop until it is 100% right. We will refine the concept and finalise the design according to your feedback until you are completely happy.



In a world of over saturated markets and fast fashion, it can be hard to find something unique that you love. With a bespoke service you can be sure that what you take home will be one of a kind and tailored just for you.


Need a burst of inspiration? View our history of bespoke products here. 



We now have a new section on our website, Bespoke Gemstones, where you can browse our collection of ethical, unique stones ready to be transformed into a bespoke piece of jewellery. I personally cannot avoid falling in love with gemstones. Beautiful little things, that sparkles endlessly. Beautiful colours. Beautiful cuts. What will you choose?


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Grace Clements
Grace Clements

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