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The Rise of Statement Chandelier Earrings: From Evening Wear to An Everyday Staple

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The Rise of Statement Chandelier Earrings: From Evening Wear to An Everyday Staple

Chandelier earrings can be traced as far back in time asancient Egypt, ancient Rome and Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). They have long been flaunted as a display of wealth, status or celebration, once reserved only for the most special of occasions and wearers. Today, the chandelier earring has a foot in the ‘everyday’ realm, too. This blog post explores how to wear chandelier earrings in 2024 and the breadth of styles available here at Lebrusan Studio – from the silver filigree earrings in our collection to the bespoke drop earrings in our gallery of unique commissions.


What are chandelier earrings?

Our black rhodium-plated Silky Drop filigree chandelier earrings

Also sometimes referred to as ‘girandole’ (an ornamental branched wall candleholder), the chandelier earring does its namesake proud, characterised by a multi-level structure that cascades weightlessly from the ear. The sturdiest aspect of the chandelier earring is usually its anchor at the top, with the remaining articulated parts free to move with the body.

This unrestricted motion allows chandelier earrings to sensitively frame the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. According to Annabel Rivkin for Tatler:

These earrings actually throw light on to your face. They actually flatter the jawline… They shimmy. They dance. They swing.”


How to wear chandelier earrings

Enhancing a special occasion

Filigree Rosette chandelier earrings from our Design Archive

Chandelier earrings are the epitome of ‘dress jewellery’; flamboyant, conversation-starting, photo-friendly. Their origins are in their inextricable relationship with special occasions, from the historic jhunka and latkan earrings that have long been staples of Indian bridal wear, to the Greville chandelier earrings gifted to Queen Elizabeth II by her parents on her wedding day.

Historically, the chandelier earring blueprint was an accurate homage to the light fittings they emulate, dripping with brilliant gemstones that twinkle like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re seeking a special pair of chandelier earrings for your wedding day or a memorable event, we’re firm advocates for pulling out all the stops, indulging in a design that puts stars in your eyes. Brilliant-cut diamonds are faceted specifically for maximum sparkle, embodying timeless elegance that won’t ever fall out of fashion.

Chandelier earrings are notorious attention-seekers, happiest when allowed to hog the limelight. We recommend pairing them with minimal jewellery, an up-do and a simple, strapless dress to let them shine. For those who subscribe, maximalism is a strong look; but you might find it easier to let the chandelier earrings take centre-stage.



How to wear chandelier earrings

Effortless everyday charm

Our Filigree Ribbon chandelier earrings in recycled silver

What we love about jewellery in the 21st century is that statement pieces like chandelier earrings are no longer reserved exclusively for special occasions. In fact, the allure of chandelier earrings lies in their ability to elevate any ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary.

Unlike the ‘formal’ take on chandelier earrings that champions resilient gold and glittering diamonds, everyday chandelier earrings may take on myriad forms. Intricate metalwork and semi-precious gemstones like quartz and moonstones can embody ‘bohemian chic’, whilst a linear cascade and angular gemstone cuts can enhance a day-to-day office look with a powerful Art Deco-inspired punch.

When investing in a pair of everyday chandelier earrings, it’s important to take weight into consideration; if you plan on wearing these face-framers all day long, could they run the risk of dragging you down? Delicate structures and smaller gemstones may prove a little kinder on your earlobes in the long run.

Again, for maximum timelessness and wearability, it’s also worth considering how your chandelier earrings will slot into your existing wardrobe without overwhelming what’s already there. Although there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, we find that everyday chandelier earrings are best embraced by clean necklines, simple blocks of colour and a ‘less is more’ approach to other jewellery in the upper half of the body.


Get the look: Filigree earrings

Detailed filigree elements, hand-crafted individually by Lorenzo

Our filigree collections are the signature of our founder and head designer Arabel Lebrusan, who champions this ancient form of artisanship as an homage to her Spanish roots. They are the painstaking handiwork of our master artisan Lorenzo, who has now retired after a long life in the wokrshop; upgrading these designs to ‘limited edition’ status, never to be recreated.

Although highly intricate, the hair-thin wires of metal that make up our filigree earrings ensure a pleasantly surprising weightlessness, wearing them easy to wear from day until night.

What’s more, the history of this delicately refined craft is extensive and fascinating. From the ancient Greeks to medieval Anglo-Saxons, all the way up to today in Arabel's native Spain, where artisans still produce complex, detailed patterns that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, filigree has touched almost every culture in some way. This iconic craft technique transcends the ebb and flow of contemporary trends, guaranteeing absolute timelessness.

Available in both silver and with a yellow gold-plated finish, this collection invites you to fall in love with a signature look to claim for years to come.

Get the look: Bespoke drop earrings

Our one-off Filigree Tropicana earrings

Of course, if what you’re seeking is a statement look like no other, now might just be the time to explore the vast possibilities of the bespoke domain. Here at Lebrusan Studio, we create heirloom jewels that tell stories and stand the tests of time. Working with our award-winning design team to create a unique pair of earrings is a memorable and meaningful experience, centred on the finer details, carefully selected materials and exquisite local craftsmanship. Evidence shows that a personal connection to an item is likely to increase its lifespan. An opportunity to take a breather from the fast pace of trends, a bespoke commission is a way to realise your personal desires as a tangible artwork that will grow old with you.


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