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The Rise of Statement Chandelier Earrings: From Evening Wear to An Everyday Staple

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The Rise of Statement Chandelier Earrings: From Evening Wear to An Everyday Staple

We love that statement jewellery is becoming part of the everyday, but how do you choose a pair of statement earrings that are on trend, but will stand the test of time?

In the past, you might use a search engine to search for chandelier earrings and see only two sets of results - those for vintage pieces and those for formal earrings. Today, though, the rise of "statement jewellery" as a staple of the everyday wardrobe has changed that. Rather than keeping your chandelier earrings for formal events and weddings, they are perfectly suited to your most casual looks.

When you're making an investment on a piece of jewellery, you need to know they won't be hidden at the bottom of your jewellery box after only wearing them once. With the rising trend of oversized and unique jewellery, you don't want to hop on the wagon and buy something for the sake of it, either. Jewellery is personal, and has to be right for you. With the right pair, whether you style them with an all black (and super casual) outfit or an oversized pair with a white linen sundress, it is clear that the chandelier style works well with the everyday as well as evening looks. 




Naturally, not all are alike, and it is easy to make mistakes if you are selecting your very first pair of chandelier earrings. Historically, they took their name from the light fixtures that they emulate. Just like the crystal chandeliers of the past, those twinkling with crystals and reflecting lots of light, some of the earliest chandelier earrings had a similar style.

Today, though, they do not have to be glittering with precious gems and can, instead, be made entirely of metal or full of different stones. In fact, many statement earrings made in the chandelier style emulate pop art or seem to accent outfits that use a bit of "Bohemian" chic instead of traditional formal looks.

If you are on the search for some chandelier earrings for your jewellery wardrobe, you'll do well to give yourself a bit of leeway and opt for more than a single style. It is possible to get a pair or two that smoothly shift from day to night, or casual to formal, but why limit yourself?

After all, there are designs that have a distinctly exotic look that use a lot of filigree metalwork and semi-precious stones, there are lightweight styles made of precious metal wire and dripping with semi-precious stones like opals, quartz, and moonstones, and there is an endless array of styles inspired by antiquity.


Weight!Despite the intricacies and size of many contemporary designs, you can find chandelier earrings that are delightfully lightweight and easy to wear. No one wants a drooping earlobe by the end of the day or during a party, so make sure your choice ticks this box too.

Will they stand the test of time? When it comes to our filigree designs, then the answer is simply...yes! The history of this delicately refined craft is extensive and fascinating. From the ancient Greeks to medieval Anglo-Saxons, all the way up to today in Arabel's native Spain, where artisans still produce the complex, detailed patterns dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, filigree has touched almost every culture in some way.

Filigree is not only artisanally crafted, but a sure statement piece that would fit perfectly into any wardrobe today.



Fortunately, we have thought about all of the above whilst designing our own styles of chandelier. Not only do we offer a range of styles to suit you, all of the earrings are made from recycled sterling silver with some plated in gold, making sure they are as beautiful on the inside as they look on the outside.



Add instant elegance to an outfit with the Filigree Rosette Chandelier Earrings, featuring three beautiful filigree rosette motifs of different sizes. You can match with our rosette bangles and necklaces.


Despite their intricate detailing and size, the Lace Chandelier Earrings are almost weightless as you wear them and most likely the most comfortable earrings you'll ever wear! 


Celebrate artisan craftsmanship with the Teardrop Chandelier Earrings, each one a beautiful example of the handmade detail that is possible with the ancient filigree technique. 


The Ribbon Chandelier Earrings are bound to turn heads with their striking shape and symmetry, made from many handmade filigree pieces to create the ultimate statement earrings.




Do you want to add a bit of drama to your wardrobe? All of our chandelier earrings will do just that! Our ethical earrings are inspired by the past, but made for the future, and we are sure they will be the talking point of your outfit with their beautiful, unique shapes and handmade filigree detailing.

Do you feel ready to hone down your statement chandelier style? Shop our entire earring collection here.


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