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Why I Make Filigree Jewellery

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Why I Make Filigree Jewellery

As a designer, I have a passion for all aspects of fine jewellery creation – from engagement rings to custom bespoke projects, each work of art represents my lifelong love of this complex, intricate process. But of all of the different types of designs I work with, filigree holds perhaps the most special place in my heart.

Filigree jewellery is constructed in the opposite way from engraving, in that it is formed by laying ornate patterns of metal fibres onto the jewellery, or creating the structure of the filigree jewellery itself of these fine fibres.

Filigree Workshop

The history of this delicate, refined craft is extensive and fascinating. From the ancient Greeks to medieval Anglo-Saxons, all the way up to today in my native Spain, where artisans still produce the complex, detailed patterns dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, filigree has touched almost every culture in some way. In fact, the word itself is rooted in my very language, from the Spanish word filigrana, which means to spin the grain or fibre.

While modern jewellery-making has come a long way from the painstaking processes of millennia past, my affinity for traditional craftsmanship fuels my passion for keeping the design and production processes at an artisanal level.

"There’s no mass-production process in the world that can replicate a piece which has been lovingly crafted by two skilled, experienced hands."

Filigree Workshop

The majority of my career has been dedicated to the concept of extraordinary, unique pieces that come to fruition without harming communities, the people in them, or the land which they inhabit. My team and I are proving each day, thanks in large part to you, our clients, that this concept can indeed be a reality. My filigree jewellery designs are no different, and I take particular pride in their beauty and ethical production.

Rosette Filigree Bangle


My Filigree Rosette Bangle is a striking example of what’s possible within the framework of this ancient art-form. Its substantial width is tempered by the captivating filigree flowers within, each one highlighted by the multiple tiny swirls within the petals. In keeping with my commitment to ethical sourcing, this bangle is constructed of recycled sterling silver plated in 18k gold.


Arabel Lebrusan Filigree Links Bangle Queen Letizia of Spain

The Filigree Links Bangle is a sure statement piece of filigree jewellery. The contemporary piece has an elegant, eye-catching twist fit for Royalty. I’m proud to say that it is often worn by  Queen Letizia of Spain!

Join me in my love of filigree jewellery as I take you on a journey through the inspirations provided by my childhood in Spain. I hope you adore the collection of breath-taking, intricate, traditional craft as much as I do! 

Arabel Lebrusan Diamond Filigree Ring

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Love, Arabel

Helen Dredge
Helen Dredge