In this post you’ll hear a beautiful engagement story of Barnaby and Olivia. You’ll see the creation of their exclusive engagement ring and you’ll also learn a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for your bespoke jewellery service consultation.

It is a windy Tuesday morning, people chaotically rush to work and Barnaby, my new customer, is on his way to Bedford to meet me and have a chat about my Bespoke Service.  He wants to get a bespoke engagement ring made for his girlfriend and I am very excited because my gut tells me Barnaby is up for a very unique and innovative design. We meet at The Embankment, a great local pub overlooking the river Great Ouse, and after exchanging pleasantries over a few sips of fresh coffee, we dive into the imaginative exploration process.

"Our first meeting is usually the most important one. It provides the basis, gives birth to the initial concepts and outlines further steps.  I always warn my customers to have a little brainstorm session at home first and bring a small list of specific details that will help us get the most of our first meeting."

  • Tip 1: bring some ideas or design stylesthat you like. This will help me understand the style of ring you want. Just look through a few magazines or use Google and Pinterest to find some specific engagement ring images.  Cut-outs, printouts, photographs, sketches, drawings, anything that is inspiring and makes you think “Hell yes! This is THE ring!” is great so bring them all to your appointment.

Bespoke Ring Ideas

On his phone Barnaby had some images of actual rings that his girlfriend had tried on in a high street shop and genuinely liked. This is extremely valuable as it helps me understand exactly what she fancies and how her dream engagement ring should look like.

  • Tip 2: Think of a fair budget you want to invest in your engagement ring. If you came this far, you probably have an idea of the style that you want and how much you would like to spend for your engagement ring. Sometimes men feel anxious that their budget might be too tight to get anything unique or precious. However, the future is bright, I say to everyone.  Calculate your budget, keep that figure in mind and I will help you choose the size and quality of the shining gemstones to make a ring that is affordable as well as beautiful, special and personalised.

Barnaby is looking for a high-quality 1ct diamond. I immediately check with our manufacturers and find an exclusive diamond, suitable for his budget. I explain a bit more about diamonds, their size, quality and price in this blog post

  • Tip 3: Look at your calendar and think of a time-scale. Imagine you're planning to pop the question next weekend: you’re arranging a romantic dinner, choosing your best outfit for the occasion, booking flowers etc and… oh no the ring is not ready due to manufacturing delay. Imagine having to explain that! 

"That’s why it is very important for you to plan in advance and keep us informed. Our bespoke engagement rings usually take 2-3 weeks to be designed, including tweaks to the design, and from 8-10 weeks to be manufactured."

I get it. You think it sounds like a long time and are wondering, is it worth the wait? Well, apart from being one-of-a-kind, our engagement rings feature premium, high-grade conflict-free Canadian diamonds which are rare and have a high value and recognition in the world of jewellery.

Canadian Diamond

During our conversation with Barnaby, we brainstorm and come to the conclusion that Olivia, his fiancée, would like a shining diamond as a central stone. Moreover, she wants tiny sparkling diamonds around the central stone, all of which would go down the sides of the ring, the arm of the ring, and then there would be a vintage-looking setting with decorative grain work. Incredible ideas in just one meeting!

After a week, I send Barnaby a few designs to review. When he goes through the designs there is one ring that he immediately falls in love with: it’s exactly what he wanted and what he expected. You won’t believe this but the night before, when I had showed the designs to my partner, Philippe, he had chosen the same design of the engagement ring as his number one! I know that exclusive design is meant to come alive and shine on Olivia’s finger for the rest of her life. I can feel she is destined to have this ring!

Bespoke engagement ring design

Olivia’s ring is made using Fairtrade gold and a Canadian certified diamond, a diamond that comes with a certificate of quality and origin so we know exactly the mine that it comes from.

Her ring is a Bespoke Ethical Engagement Ring – this is an amazing option which I suggest to all my customers in our bespoke service: you can get your ethical engagement ring made using ethical materials.

The design had a mix of different size shining diamonds, central stone of above 0.6ct and small 1- 1.5mm diamonds down the sides and different setting techniques: rub over setting and grain setting. For quality and design, it’s a winner.

Bespoke Engagement Ring Design

Now, hold your breath. The result of my initial casual consultation is this stunning diamond ring, wonderful and special – not like anything you have seen before… and I am very proud of its design. 

  Bespoke Engagement Ring

After a few weeks I meet up with Barnaby to give him this stunning ring, his unforgettable tribute to endless love and harmonious life together. Barnaby is so happy and excited: he had already planned his weekend away in Italy to make a surprise to Olivia, and what a surprise!

I had a chance to meet lovely Olivia a few weeks later to slightly resize her ring. This is a free service I offer to my customers, as, naturally, it is difficult to get the perfect ring measurement without spoiling a surprise. Don’t worry – if you are unsure about her size, we can design a ring that is easily re-sizeable, no problem.

Olivia has been a happy woman ever since with her new gorgeous ring and she smiles saying: “it is the nicest ring I had ever seen”. I couldn’t be happier!

As anticipated, the next step for me with Barnaby and Olivia is designing a special wedding band to match her engagement ring. 

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Love, Arabel