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2023 engagement ring trends: Our predictions

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2023 engagement ring trends: Our predictions

Here at Lebrusan Studio we’re passionate about crafting ethical heirloom jewels that age gracefully, never faltering in their symbolism of eternal love. Engagement rings are designed to be worn forever, and we want you to feel just as proud of yours 20 years down the line as you did on Day One.

Observing trends whilst striving for timelessness might seem paradoxical, but engagement ring trends are often a beautiful encapsulation of a special moment in time; reflective of a shared mood or an exciting new development. As a jewellery designer, we find this ebb and flow of enduring styles fascinating. As an engagement ring shopper, you might find your search for The One a touch less daunting after taking heed of the looks set to define 2023. After all, it’s a year that’s going down in your history books!



Global warming has reached crisis point and it’s no secret that it is now crucial for us to slam the breaks on our consumption of our planet’s natural resources. With environmental sustainability higher on the priority list of engagement ring shoppers than ever before, it’s perhaps no surprise that recycled diamonds reigned supreme as the most popular gemstone choice amongst our clients in 2022; a trend we expect to continue taking 2023 by storm.

As passionate advocates of the Circular Economy model - wherein a product is reintroduced to the supply chain once its user is finished with it - we’re thrilled to see antique diamonds gain the appreciation they deserve. The act of recycling diamonds minimises the need for further mining and instead offers the sparklers already above-ground another moment in the sun.

The beauty of reclaimed diamonds is not just in this environmental neutrality, but in the stories they tell. Old cut diamonds, in particular, are antique stones characterised by hand-cut facets that are chunkier and more organic than the precise, machine-cut facets of the modern brilliant-cut. For this reason, old-cut diamonds boast a depth of sparkle unmatched by the surface glitter of contemporary diamonds, drawing the eye inwards. Fabled little chunks of history, old-cut diamonds are perfect for the romantics who like their jewellery imbued with magic.

This Athena Grande, crafted a few months back for for Patricia, is crowned with a breathtakingly twinkly 0.79ct recycled old cut diamond. Meanwhile, we can set any of our custom-made engagement rings with reclaimed stones.



The bezel setting – or rub-over setting – envelops its stone in a bed of metal. When complete, a rim encircles the gem entirely, protecting it from all sides and creating a streamlined profile. Executed correctly, the bezel setting strikes a genius balance; it offers a sense of security no other setting can, without stifling the stone’s sparkle. For this reason, it’s a particularly good match for more delicate centrepieces, such as the increasingly popular emerald or the reclaimed diamond that proudly bears signs of a life well lived.

Though dating back thousands of years, it oozes contemporary elegance, offering a fresh twist on the traditional solitaire engagement ring. Right now, it seems to be proving a particularly popular finish for elongated gemstone cuts, such as the baguette, oval or marquise.



With conscious consumerism on the rise and mass produced fast fashion withering in appeal, our clients are growing evermore appreciative of considered details and the opportunity to uphold traditional craft. A process that requires immense skill and patience, hand-engraving instils jewellery with an unrepeatable charm, ensuring that no two engagement rings are exactly the same. Whether inscribing an intimate message inside a band or etching intricate scrolls for the world to see, our master craftsman Darren uses time-honoured tools dating back over 2,500 years in design.

Marrying ornate hand engraving with a playful, Harry Potter-inspired concept, Alex's bespoke engagement ring is an illustration of how the historic craft of hand-engraving can continue to be embraced in the modern-day context.



A jacket ring is a ring designed specially to embrace an engagement ring’s contours like a tailored party dress, with the purpose of elaborating on its fundamentals and intensifying its impact. Whether an ornate statement piece like our Artisan Filigree Rings or an understated band that’s subtle in shape, a jacket ring need not be seen as a wedding band, but the instigator of a party with your engagement ring at its very centre. As the inherited heirloom engagement ring is soaring in popularity, so too is the complementary jacket ring; an exciting opportunity to take ownership and reinvent an old classic.



As colourless diamonds generally remain one of the most expensive options for engagement rings, we anticipate coloured sapphires continuing to gain momentum, enticing budget-conscious couples with their promise of durability, reasonable price tags and more accessible range of cuts and sizes. Specifically, in recent months we’ve seen an uptick in champagne- and cognac-coloured stones, which are complemented by any metal colour and timeless in their neutrality and easily wearable quality. Fresh and contemporary takes on the cardinal gem as we know it, pastel hues of lavender, cool aqua and dusky pink are also finding their way onto the fun moodboards of our clients increasingly often. Our Fancy Athena and Candy Pop collections are spectrums of fancy colour.


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

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