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Our Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

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Our Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

A universal form of adornment, jewellery is as old as the human race itself. Jewellery made from shells, stones and bones survives today from prehistoric times; relics that set a precedent for an eternal trend. 2.5 million years later and Mother Nature continues to serve as a toolbox and source of inspiration for jewellery designers, makers and wearers worldwide.

Floral engagement rings date back as early as the 18th century, when silver poesy rings engraved with small flowers were considered the height of fashion in Europe. Following the marriage, these silver bands were then replaced with an identical design in yellow gold, often inscribed with a love poem or a Shakespeare reference.

Then came the 19th century, when technically-accurate fruit, flora and foliage became fashionable motifs, thanks to a widespread interest in botany and the influence of Romantic poets such as Wordsworth. By the 1850s these delicate early designs gave way to extravagant, complex compositions. Nature’s hues were matched by coloured gemstones, and a 'language of flowers' spelt out special messages of romance.

Our engagement rings, the realisations of our award-winning Founder & Designer Arabel Lebrusan, showcase a rich tapestry of aesthetic, historic and cultural inspirations. Perhaps most popular amongst potential suitors and brides-to-be are the florid motifs and organic shapes of our Secret Garden collection; a celebration of the enchanting, ever-evolving beauty of Britain’s forests.

Crafted in the UK from sustainable, fair-traded materials, these jewels are not just a visual celebration of our beautiful planet, but inherently kind to it.



A familiar symbol of spring, the daisy’s name derives from the Old English dæges ēage (‘day’s eye’); a homage to how its petals unfurl at sunrise. With its connotations of vitality, freshness and beginnings, the daisy is a fitting symbol for an exciting new life chapter.

Named after the daisy’s Latin title, the Bellis engagement ring is a fun design, perfectly suited to the contemporary bride-to-be who is not afraid to take the alternative route. The streamlined rub-over setting safely secures the centre-stone in place, minimising the risk of snagging or catching, whilst the delicate daisy petals reach gently towards the sky.



Embellished with charming rose and leaf motifs, our Foliage engagement ring perfectly captures the quintessential beauty of the British countryside. Flanking the centre-stone – your choice of conflict-free diamond or fair-traded coloured gem – is an unusual cross band and intricate foliage detailing. Within the rose petals lay tiny diamonds, placed carefully for subtle light-catching effect.



The gentle asymmetry of the Cherry Blossom engagement ring is what instils it with unique, organic charm. Delicate cherry blossoms bloom either side of the crowning glory, minute conflict-free diamonds glittering at their centres. Meanwhile, the centre-stone’s round cut and raised-claw setting maintain an air of timeless class, paying homage to the traditional solitaire. A floral twist on a classic.



Delicate in detail but bold and confident in form, the Royal Oak design is cleverly reflective of its namesake. The split band boasts exquisitely-crafted leaf motifs, tiny pave diamonds softening the edges with a delicate sparkle. Centre-stage is the design’s nucleus, where all eyes are drawn; a round-cut stone, be it your choice of conflict-free diamond or fair-traded coloured gem.



Does your sweetheart hold a soft spot for nature and a lust for the unusual? We’d be delighted to work with you on a bespoke engagement ring like no other, designed with her at the very centre and crafted from the finest ethical materials we can find. Check out our Bespoke Engagement Ring gallery for inspiration.


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

Ruby McGonigle is a copywriter and digital marketing professional with over five years of jewellery industry experience. After graduating with a BA in Linguistics, she combined her passions for written word and all things sparkly by joining the Lebrusan Studio team as in-house wordsmith and content creator. Among bi-monthly blog posts, notable examples of Ruby's work include a think-piece on the ‘natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds’ debate, a probe into why traceable and third party certified ASM gold is so important, and an investigation of why platinum is no longer more expensive than gold.