Can I Wear a Wedding Ring Without the Engagement Ring?

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Can I Wear a Wedding Ring Without the Engagement Ring?

Ask wedding experts about ring etiquette, and many of them give an answer that you might find surprising. It turns out there's no such thing as a 'correct way' when it comes to wearing your wedding ring!


This revelation may come as something of a relief to those who are unsure of when and where they should and shouldn't wear their engagement ring, or those who simply don't have one at all. The experts advise that the decision is totally personal.

"You can choose to wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together on your left hand; wear your wedding band on the left and engagement ring on your right; or just wear your wedding ring."

The gurus also explain that many women opt out of wearing their engagement ring 24/7 because the settings often snag clothing, put the costly stone(s) at risk of loss or damage, or accumulate dirt and debris too easily.

So, the short answer is: you can wear the jewellery however and whenever you like.



"The only "rule" is that you do wear the wedding band as much and as often as possible."

If you want to rock your wedding ring solo and leave your engagement ring tucked safely away in doors, that's totally acceptable. If you think you'll do this often, you might wish to choose a wedding ring without a bend that embraces the engagement ring - as this shape tends to look a little awkward when it stands alone, as though something is missing.


"When I Go On Holidays I Don’t Wear My Engagement Ring"

Of course, there are many reasons you might decide to stash your engagement ring away. For example, a woman who works in a bakery and prepares dough on a daily basis is apt to losing a ring easily, making her the ideal candidate for wearing no rings at all or sticking only with her wedding band on a day-to-day basis.

"We've heard many heartbreaking tales of women going on holiday only to lose an engagement ring in the sea, lake, river or outdoors setting they are visiting." 

You might think, "I know best, I never lose anything" but you'd be surprised by the number of holidaymakers who lose their precious jewellery whilst on their travels, with "lost it in the sea" the most heavily recurring narrative. Our founder and designer Arabel can unfortunately back up this claim with her own personal experience of losing her wedding ring on holiday - not to mention the number of distraught customers she's helped out in the past following similar experiences.

You might miss seeing your engagement ring sparkling away on your finger when it's slipped away in a hotel room safe, but you'll miss it even more if it slips off your finger whilst you're swimming. We advise to play it safe and keep it safe.


You may have swerved the diamond engagement route altogether. For many, this can feel liberating and like a unique expression of personal style. You've poured all of your love and attention into choosing the perfect wedding ring, and you might have decided to have a bespoke wedding ringmade.

We like to remind those contemplating wedding jewellery that there aren't a lot of fixed or intractable rules. For instance, your ring doesn't have to match your partner's; it can adorned with beautiful engraving; it can be delicate and thin or bold and glamorous. The most important thing is that it's an authentic expression of your commitment, and of you.

"Whatever you choose, be unique."

If you're in need of some inspiration, peruse our Wedding Rings Collections. You might just spot the ring of your dreams!


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