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Can I Wear a Wedding Ring Without the Engagement Ring?

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Can I Wear a Wedding Ring Without the Engagement Ring?

Ask wedding experts about ring etiquette, and many of them give an answer you might find surprising. It turns out there's no such thing as the 'correct way' to wear your wedding band and engagement ring! Here, we share our thoughts on wearing your wedding band however feels most comfortable to you.


Raiyah's bespoke engagement ring and wedding band created by remodelling old heirloom jewellery of hers

The short answer to this question is: Yes. 

Many of us aren't used to wearing rings on a day-to-day basis; least of all a pair of jewels that are so weighty in financial and sentimental value. The revelation that you may style your rings however you like might therefore come as a relief to those who feel a little apprehensive about stepping out into the world with their wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger at all times. 

"You can choose to wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together on your left hand; wear your wedding band on the left and engagement ring on the right; or just wear your wedding ring alone."

The gurus we spoke to at The Knot explain that many women opt out of wearing their engagement ring 24/7 because their settings often snag on clothing or hair, leave the costly gemstone at risk of loss or damage, or accumulate dirt and debris too easily. In other words, it's perfectly fine to reserve your engagement ring for only the most special occasions.



Our Diamond Star wedding band

"The only "rule" is that you do wear the wedding band as much and as often as possible."

Your wedding band is an important symbol of mutual lifelong commitment; not just for the rest of the world to see, but as a daily reminder to yourself of where your heart lies. Most people like to wear their wedding band all day and every day, only removing it if strictly necessary. The design of your wedding band should therefore sympathise with your lifestyle. If you work in an office, for example, a delicate band set with diamonds or gemstones needn't be viewed as risky - but if you lead an active lifestyle that involves heavy-handed work or lots of sports, a substantial design might prove a little more forgiving.

If you do decide to rock your wedding band solo and leave your engagement ring tucked safely away indoors, that's totally acceptable. If you foresee yourself doing this often, you might also wish to choose a straight wedding ring without the kind of shape that's designed to embrace an engagement ring - active contours tend to look a little awkward when the wedding band stands alone, as though something is missing.


"When I Go On Holidays I Don’t Wear My Engagement Ring"

Of course, there all number of reasons you might decide to stash your engagement ring away. For example, a woman who works in a bakery and prepares dough on a daily basis is apt to losing a ring easily, making her the ideal candidate for wearing no rings at all or sticking only with her wedding band on a day-to-day basis.

"We've heard many heartbreaking tales of women going on holiday only to lose an engagement ring in the sea, lake, river or outdoors setting they are visiting." 

You might think, "I know best, I never lose anything" but you'd be surprised by the number of holidaymakers who lose their precious jewellery whilst on their travels, with "lost it in the sea" the narrative we hear most often. Our Creative Director Arabel can unfortunately back up this claim with her own personal experience of losing her wedding band on holiday - not to mention the number of distraught customers she's helped out in the past following similar experiences.

You might miss seeing your engagement ring sparkling away on your finger when it's stowed away in a hotel room safe, but you'll miss it even more if it slips off your finger whilst you're swimming. We advise to play it safe and keep it safe.

Our Artisan Filigree wedding band

Now's a great time to remind those contemplating wedding jewellery that there are very few rules. Though you might choose to match your wedding band with your partner's, this isn't expected. Equally, your wedding band doesn't necessarily need to match your engagement ring in metal colour. You might even have chosen to skip the wedding band stage altogether, opting instead for a unique commitment ring that assumes the role of both engagement ring and wedding band simultaneously. The most important thing is that it's an authentic expression of your commitment, and of you.

"Whatever you choose, be unique."

In need of some inspiration now? Take a moment to peruse our wedding rings collections and bespoke wedding band gallery You might just spot the ring of your dreams!


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