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Black and white portrait of award-winning bespoke jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan. Sitting on a sofa, she wears a white button-down shirt, dark leather trousers, and looks off to the left

Arabel Lebrusan


Mum, partner, friend, leading visual artist, critically acclaimed jewellery designer and creative activist. Arabel Lebrusan is the brain behind our brand.

From a Gemmology degree to an eye-opening foray into the world of fashion jewellery, an MA in sustainable design, the first ever ethical jewellery boutique on London's prestigious Sloane Street and an award-winning eponymous designer brand named Lebrusan Studio, Arabel has dedicated over two decades to beautiful jewellery.

Throughout, she has remained tireless in her quest for a fairer and more sustainable world. As one of the world's first ever Fairtrade Gold licensees, a founding member of the Fair Luxury campaign group and the deliverer of her very own TEDx talk on ethical jewellery - amongst myriad other triumphs - Arabel was recently dubbed "the queen of sustainability and ethical jewellery."She is regarded by many as a pioneer in this field.

Whether the most simple of wedding bands or a one-of-a-kind art jewel, Arabel treats each piece of jewellery as a vessel for political, social, environmental and economic change. Her passion for telling stories manifests in her careful selection of responsibly sourced materials and her commitment to championing the human beings behind her jewels. Highly observant by nature, her ornate and detail-orientated designs combine references to her Spanish heritage, homages to Mother Earth and throwbacks to bygone eras of design.