Jewellery Sizing Guide (Mini)

Can't find your ring size on the website?

If you can't find your size in the drop-down menu, just send us an email with your requested size and we'll send you a quote. If it is just one or two sizes smaller or bigger than the last size available on the website, the price will remain the same. 


Printable ring sizer

It's best to be as certain as possible on ring size before placing an order. For simple tips on how to figure out your partner's ring size, check out our blog.

You could also try using our printable ring sizer. Use this with a ring that either you or the person you're purchasing for currently wears. It's best to choose a ring that's similar in style to the one you want to buy, too. Then, follow these instructions: 

1. Print this page at 100% size.

2. When setting your print options you must ensure the options to fit or shrink to page ARE NOT selected.

3. Print the document, then with a ruler or tape, measure the outer box to ensure it matches the dimensions marked.

4. Hold your selected ring against the circles on the chart.

5. Chose the letter that best matches the internal diameter of the ring.

6. This will be the size of the ring.

You can also Download a PDF version of the ringer sizer.