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How to Prepare for a Bespoke Jewellery Consultation

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How to Prepare for a Bespoke Jewellery Consultation

The beauty of investing in a bespoke piece of jewellery is just as much in the experience as it is the end product. By the nature of one-off commissions, no two processes are ever the same; each jewel’s journey into fruition is exciting and memorable in its own right.

Every successful bespoke story begins with a consultation. Like breakfast being the most important meal of the day, this first meeting is usually the most impactful. It lays foundations, gives birth to the jewel’s fundamental concepts and outlines the steps moving forwards. In order to get the very most from your bespoke jewellery consultation, we recommend making a few preparations.


Collect some visual examples of existing designs or particular design features that capture your imagination. This will help us to build a moodboard for the jewel that you have in mind. Flick through magazines; take to Pinterest; scour Instagram; peruse our gallery of bespoke jewels.

In the past, bespoke engagement ring clients of ours have even prepared for their appointment by taking their partners to try on pieces in high street jewellers. If you’re designing this piece as a surprise for a lucky loved one then this is a clever way of sussing out what theyseek in a dream jewel, too.

The more cut-outs, photos and sketches you bring along to our consultation, the better. We want a window into your brain!



This part is all about being real with yourself. How much is a feasible sum for youto spend on this investment piece? Keep this figure in mind and don’t worry about anything else. We’re experienced jewellers and we’re equipped to tailor designs and materials to your needs. No matter what, the jewel you walk away with will be beautiful, personalised and affordable.

As a guide, our bespoke engagement rings generally start at £2,500. Meanwhile, our bespoke jewels range in price from around £3,000 upwards.









Look at the calendar and think about when you’d like this commission completed by. Are you working towards a birthday or an anniversary? Is there a particular date that you’d love to pop the question on? We tend to spend around three weeks on the design stage for a bespoke jewel, depending on the complexity of the blueprint and the number of revisions made. Then, the manufacturing process usually takes around eight weeks. To play it safe, we’d recommend factoring a three-month turnaround time into your plans.



Chances are, you’ve found your way to Lebrusan Studio because you’re passionate about sustainability. If that’s the case, you'll be pleased to learn that we’ve got plenty of fine ethical materials for you to choose from. We’ll talk you through the specifics of each during our consultation, but it might be worth allowing yourself a little time beforehand to pin down your cause. When you hear the word ‘ethical’, what immediately springs to mind? If you’re committed to conserving the natural environment and minimising your carbon footprint, for example, recycled materials might be the route for you. If it's important to you that workers around the world are paid fairly and treated justly, you might be interested in our newly-mined, third party-certified materials. Our Beautiful Ethics page offers a simple introduction to your options.



For most of our bespoke clients, their experience with us is their first foray into the world of bespoke jewellery. We don’t expect you to arrive knowing the score; that’s our job! As long as you're enjoying yourself, we can take care of the rest.

To step into the wonderful world of bespoke jewellery takes just one moment. Why not get the ball rolling and book your consultation today? We’re available to meet via video call, in Brighton, or at our London showroom in the world-famous London Diamond Bourse.


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

Ruby McGonigle is a copywriter and digital marketing professional with over five years of jewellery industry experience. After graduating with a BA in Linguistics, she combined her passions for written word and all things sparkly by joining the Lebrusan Studio team as in-house wordsmith and content creator. Among bi-monthly blog posts, notable examples of Ruby's work include a think-piece on the ‘natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds’ debate, a probe into why traceable and third party certified ASM gold is so important, and an investigation of why platinum is no longer more expensive than gold.