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Why we're advocates for collecting investment jewellery

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Why we're advocates for collecting investment jewellery

At Lebrusan Studio, we’re passionate about jewellery that’s made to last. A diamond is forever, and so too should be every jewel that we collect along the way.



Global warming has reached crisis point and it is now vital that we slow the rate at which we’re expending our planet’s natural resources. Though we feel strongly that it’s important to continue supporting small-scale and artisanal miners worldwide – whose livelihoods and communities rely on the extraction of natural materials – it’s also the duty of jewellers like us to strive for a sustainable balance. This doesn’t only mean embracing recycled metals and vintage gemstones too, but ensuring that our rate of production isn’t wasteful, with our jewels created to order and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations.

Engagement rings, wedding bands and unique bespoke commissions are about more than trends. Though we wear these pieces to feel fantastic, their symbolism and sentimental value imbues them with the power to endure; to transcend the ‘next big thing’. Fabled jewels that tell a thousand stories burn fervently with a romantic flame that’s difficult to extinguish, no matter their visual style.

What’s more, fine materials like platinum, gold, diamonds and sapphires are structurally resilient, capable of withstanding the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. Not only do they make for gorgeous pieces of jewellery that sparkle year after year, they tend to increase slowly in value over time, too. All the more reason to take good care of our jewels!

Here at Lebrusan Studio, timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship are the foundations of every piece of jewellery we create. In our eyes, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a long-lasting jewel that’s been crafted with love.



1. The cocktail ring

The cocktail ring was popularised during the 1920s, when rebellious flapper girls wore oversized hand baubles to draw attention to their unlawful alcoholic drinks. The antithesis of ‘less is more’, cocktail rings are joyous in their reckless abandon and ability to make an instant statement. No jewellery box is complete without a cocktail ring; a timeless no-brainer when it comes to accessorising, and something you can rest assured won’t ever go out of fashion. The intricate details of our bespoke Damir ring make it the visual gift that never stops giving, whilst our bespoke Corene ring enabled our client to breathe a second wind into a collection of inherited diamonds, paying homage to their cuts with an Art Deco-inspired design.


2. The versatile pendant

Sitting proudly just beneath the face, a distinctive necklace has the potential to define your signature look; to serve as one of the most memorable pieces of jewellery you’ll ever own. A powerful pendant is one that encapsulates your unique personal style and looks just as comfortable dressed down as it does topping a fierce evening ensemble. Whether your heart’s set aflutter by a delicate nature-inspired design or you feel more at home drawing attention with the help of a killer gemstone, a carefully considered pendant is a staple you’ll have no trouble holding close to your heart for years on end.


 3. The signature coloured gemstone

Just as we’ve embraced our favourite palettes in our wardrobes and homes, jewellery is a playground of opportunities for expressing ourselves through colour. From the technicolour kaleidoscope of sapphires to the sumptuous glow of rubies, verdant allure of emeralds and infinite spectrum of semi-precious gemstones, there’s a signature shade out there for each and every one of us. You might fall in love with the way your favourite gemstone completes your wardrobe, with what it symbolises, or how it complements your skin tone. However the flame is kindled, you can rest assured that personal favourites don’t succumb to the tides of fashion; they find a special place inside the heart.




1. Ensure authenticity

When investing in a forever jewel, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re buying from an authentic and reliable jeweller. Any fine jewellery created in the UK will bear marks from one of four Assay Offices, where government employees test each piece for its precious metal percentage and stamp them with the relevant hallmarks. The mark made depends on which of the Assay Offices the piece was sent to, but the presence of the mark verifies that the piece was proven to contain the volume of precious metal advertised by the jeweller. In addition to this legally required hallmark, jewellery must bear a purity mark (which consists of a two-digit number and the letter k, or a three-digit number) and a maker’s mark. Our maker’s mark is ‘AL’ for ‘Arabel Lebrusan’. Additionally, if a piece of jewellery was created in Britain before 1999, it will bear a date stamp, a legal requirement of all British jewellery until that year.

A certificate of authenticity is also a great assurance of your jewel’s provenance, as well as a lovely keepsake. All of our creations come with a unique certificate, verifying its precious materials and its traceable journey into fruition.


2. Insure your jewel

In the event that the worst comes to the worst and your special piece of jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged, insurance is a safety net to fall back on. To help you insure your piece to its full retail value we’ll provide an official valuation certificate, and are happy to recommend our preferred insurance broker.


3. Trust your gut

A forever jewel should be worn with pride, enabling you relax in the knowledge that its backstory is one you’re happy with. If you’re to hold this token close to your heart, you deserve better than it being marred by wrongdoings or doubt. When choosing a jeweller, take time to research their ethical credentials, ask them for proof of their provenance claims, and trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, there’s a plethora of alternative jewellers that might feel like a better fit.   


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Ruby McGonigle

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