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Proposing with a loose diamond or gemstone

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Proposing with a loose diamond or gemstone

Not many people imagine themselves popping the question with anything other than the perfect engagement ring, nestled inside a box. It's a timeless tradition, but the process that leads up to that dropped-knee moment is not straightforward for everybody. Picking an engagement ring can be tricky, especially if it's a solo mission. If you're truly stumped by dates and details, shapes and sizes, proposing with a loose diamond or gemstone is an alternative route worth considering.



Decisions, decisions: Two recycled diamond options alongside anAthena Grande engagement ring for visual context

An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery to be treasured forever, and it's really important that its design is just right. Perhaps you know your partner inside-out, or have discussed their engagement ring preferences with them already, so stand in good stead to make an informed decision with high odds for success.

As a jeweller who has assisted in hundreds of proposals over the years, however, we recognise this as a rare and privileged position. For those planning a surprise proposal, without the guidance of your partner or somebody who knows them well, the unfamiliar realm of metals, band widths, ring sizes, gemstone settings and design styles might just feel incredibly overwhelming. Proposing with a loose diamond or gemstone mitigates the risk of making unfortunate decisions under pressure.

You’d be surprised by the number of engagement ring receivers who express a desire to be actively involved in the shopping process. If your partner is too somebody who’d appreciate the opportunity to have a say in their special jewel, proposing with a stone is an invitation for them to pick or design an engagement ring that's trulytheir cup of tea. There is no shame in identifying this as a practical option. In fact, your ability to understand your partner as an individual is incredibly thoughtful.

Pressure off and chance of getting it wrong minimised, the fascinating process of bringing a unique engagement ring to life is fun with your partner by your side. Your carefully selected gemstone will serve as the catalyst, whilst the contribution of their design vision will culminate in a collaborative project; a unique combination of your ideas. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; how wonderful to create a memory you can both look back on in years to come.



A winning formula: Drawing inspiration from an existingFancy Athena engagement ring as we consider a new home for this teal emerald-cut sapphire

Ring sizing is a precise art, difficult to get right without the ability to get directly measured up by the jeweller you're working with. Removing the engagement ring's band from the picture in the first instance saves you the hassle of guessing - and subsequent resizing.

What’s more, it takes roughly eight weeks to create an engagement ring from the Lebrusan Studio collection, whilst bespoke engagement rings are brought to life in 10-12 weeks. If you're overcome by the sudden urge to take the leap, proposing with a loose gemstone is a much quicker solution than waiting for a fully-fledged engagement ring to be brought into fruition.



Alex came to us with visions of a playful engagement ring like we’d never created before; an interpretation of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Though confident in his knowledge that his partner Jo is definitelya huge Harry Potter fan, and guided by an instinctive desire to make her smile, Alex recognised the need for any engagement ring to be practical and enduring. Instead of taking the plunge without garnering Jo’s opinion, Alex picked out a 0.96ct pear-cut recycled diamond to get the ball rolling, then commissioned our Creative Director Arabel to draw him up the engagement ring in his mind’s eye.

Receiving the diamond and hand-signed design in the post, Alex quickly popped the question with his makeshift proposal package. Jo was delighted by the unusual nature of the surprise, and was really grateful for the opportunity to offer her honest feedback on Alex and Arabel’s design, giving the Golden Snitch concept her seal of approval but requesting a pared-back simplification of the initial idea.



Barney and Liz were open with one another about their proposal plans; Barney’s popping of the question wasn’t an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. For the purpose of viewing our sample engagement rings and discussing their bespoke ideas with our Design Team, they visited us at our Brighton headquarters together. Once the foundations had been laid, Liz removed herself from the equation, leaving Barney to orchestrate the remainder of the surprise independently.

As it happened, Barney was guided by two fundamental preferences; a desire to propose as soon as possible, and an interest in exclusively lab-grown diamonds in an homage to Liz’s role as an engineer. Unfortunately, sourcing lab-grown diamonds of exactly the right shape and size proved a lengthier process than hoped, leaving insufficient time to complete the manufacturing process before Barney’s planned proposal date. Thinking on our feet, we sent Barney his selection of carefully selected lab-grown diamonds, complete with a hand-signed design drawing, enabling him to propose to Liz with the notion of an engagement ring on his chosen date.



We're proud to present a carefully curated stock of reclaimed sapphires and diamonds. An exciting assortment of shapes, sizes, colours and stories, these gemstones were either carefully removed from pre-owned jewellery for a second lease of life, sourced at auction or bought directly from jewellers and individuals who no longer needed them. Picking a unique sparkler from this collection is an opportunity to minimise your carbon footprint by proposing with a relic that's already above-ground, avoiding the need for further mining at a time when our planet's finite natural resources are under immense strain.

We invite you to visit us in person at our Brighton or London headquarters – or chat with us via video call – to choose the reclaimed gemstone of your dreams. We’ll post it to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery in a secure presentation box, complete with a mock engagement ring with an empty gemstone setting; a place for you to present your gemstone for optimal visual impact on Question Day. Then, we’re ready to get the ball rolling whenever you and your partner are!


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