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How to make your wedding band unique

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How to make your wedding band unique

Your wedding band is one of the most precious pieces of jewellery you’ll ever own. This symbolic weight means it can essentially look however you’d like it to look; its value is not in how it conforms to traditional expectations, but in what it represents. If you’re seeking an unusual wedding band that says a little more about you than the average off-the-shelf design, you might draw inspiration from some of these suggested personal touches.



Intended for one set of eyes only, private messages and emblems engraved on the inside of a band are particularly romantic. If you’re unsure about wearing a wedding ring that says too much from an outsider perspective, internal detailing is a clever way for you to ensure your ring feels like no other – for your benefit.

Important dates, beloveds’ names and snippets of song lyrics are popular choices. In recent years, however, an increasing number of creative couples are making use of the technical abilities and industrial advances of contemporary manufacturing workshops and having their inner-bands scored with progressively inventive symbolism; including notable geographic coordinates, song soundwaves and even electrocardiographs.



Whilst hidden inscriptions make for heart-felt exchanges between the two of you, designs engraved externally are a beautiful way to express yourself openly. Our engraved wedding bands are particularly special because their distinctive designs are painstakingly hand-etched by our master engraver Darren, using time-honoured manual tools. This approach means no two rings are ever exactly the same.

Our signature engraved motifs include our intricate Scrolls, our organic Vines and our vintage-inspired Hearts. Alternatively, for an additional £100, our customisation service invites you to design a unique decoration of your own.



Similar to an inner-band engraving, a hidden gemstone is an intimate token; a treat just for you. With birthstones to consider, a vast range of hues to choose from and an abundance of symbolism at play, the careful selection of a secret gemstone can quickly transform a plain band into one fizzing with romantic vibrations.



Gone are the days when the marrying of various metal colours was considered a no-no. In fact, today, wedding bands that combine a variety of hues are growing increasingly popular amongst those who like their jewellery to serve as a conversation starter. The shirking of age-old superstitions is the ultimate visual statement.

The pairing of yellow gold and white gold is perhaps the most obvious choice, but there’s also fun to be had with rose gold, black rhodium plating and even coloured enamel.

Uniting a few different colours is not just a way to challenge the norm; it’s also a helpful bridge of colour schemes, enabling your wedding band to more easily assimilate with any other jewellery you might wear over the years.



Our Freedom Collection is a liberating concept, taking individual components and inviting you to combine them freely, curating unique and meaningful stacks in the process. With a variety of band widths, metal colours, gemstones and finishes to choose from, the possibilities are abundant.



Of course, no jewel is as unrepeatable as a jewel designed just for you. Work with us to create your unique symbol of lifelong love and commitment, imbued with personal and carefully-considered design elements. After all, your love story is one-of-a-kind. What's a more fitting celebration of that than a wedding ring like no other?


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Ruby McGonigle
Ruby McGonigle

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